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  • Musical Instrument Simulator/Note Mapper 6.40

    Virtual piano, guitar/banjo/mandolin etc, hammered dulcimer simulator and note mapper lets you write & play back songs thru midi and see the notes animated on a musical staff and scale, piano keyboard,
  • getTube 4.2.04

    Mais de 600.000 usuários em todo o mundo usa o getTube para baixar vídeos de sites como, entre outros, incluindo sites nacionais como Enquanto a maioria dos softwares da
  • Guitar and Bass 1.1

    A complete software for fretted instruments, such as Guitar, Bass, banjo, and more. A complete software for fretted instruments, such as Guitar, Bass, banjo, and more. Guitar and bass is a handy and powerful
  • Banjo Pilot for GBA 1.0

    Play classic game banjo Pilot on
  • Banjo-Kazooie - La Venganza de Grunty for GBA 1.0

    Play classic game banjo-Kazooie - La Venganza de Grunty on
  • Banjo-Kazooie - La Vendetta di Grunty for GBA 1.0

    Play classic game banjo-Kazooie - La Vendetta di Grunty on
  • Banjo-Kazooie - Grunty's Revenge for GBA 1.0

    Play classic game banjo-Kazooie - Grunty's Revenge on
  • Afinador de Guitar-Online

    Guitar Online Tuner allows for tuning instruments such as mandolin, violin, ukulele, banjo, and also opens various other tunings for you. You can tune up almost all standard guitars with it.
  • Guitar-Online Tuner

    The mandolin, ukulele, fiddle, banjo, bass guitar is capable of showing you note name as well as numerical values of pitch/frequency together with its place on the stave. You can use your keyboard for selecting your
  • D`Accord Personal Guitarist 1.2

    Musicians and guitar players are using this inclusive Personal Guitarist software for improving their skills. It has user friendly interface as well as supports multi-instrument such as guitars, 4 and 5-string
  • Accordeur Multi-Instruments

    The handy software application Tuner Multi- Instruments makes it possible for users to create custom tunings by selecting a color using the ' key ' to other notes. It includes following open- tunings: Guitar; Mandolin;
  • BodiLizer Generator 0.01 Beta

    Want to create your own BodiLizer Impulse response for your favourite guitar, fiddle, violin or banjo or whatever ???. Get the beta of the BodiLizer impulse response tool
  • Absolute Fretboard Trainer 3.x

    Mastering the fretboard of guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, etc. means knowing every note, in every position, instantly and effortlessly. The Absolute Fretboard Trainer will take you there, step by step, through
  • Guitar-Online Tools - Tuner

    Guitar-Online Tools - Tuner is a software tool guitar, mandolin, ukulele, fiddle, banjo & bass guitar allowing standard and open tunings. The software application will allows you to set the strings of your guitars for
  • Audio Tuner BlackBerry 0.3

    Now you can tune your musical instrument such as guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, etc by using Audio Tuner Mobile. It works by listening and analyzing the pitch when you are playing your instrument, and enables you to
  • Guitar Pro Free Trial 6.1.3

    Guitar Pro is a sheet music/tablature editor for 4- to 8-string instruments: guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, etc. This is an ergonomic, comprehensive tool for beginning to advanced musicians who wish to make progress,
  • In-Tune Multi-Instrument Tuner 1.97

    Tune your musical instrument quickly and accurately with this digital tuner. Uses microphone or direct electric guitar input for tuning. You can tune guitar, bass guitar, banjo, mandolin, violin, viola, cello, double
  • TaBazar 1.1

    TaBazar is a 10-track Tabeditor / MIDI-Player for guitar, bass. banjo, etc.. TaBazar features : fullScreen-tabeditor; Fullscreen-standardnotation; Automatic bar-formating; Free stringcount and tuning; Effekts like
  • DAccord Easy Tuner 3.0

    The easy to use tuner DAccord Easy Tuner is best for both beginners and professionals. Its key features are as follow: yu can use t for tuning following instruments: Acoustic/Eletric Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, banjo,
  • BanjoChordsLite 1.0

    Play the banjo chords right away - no experience required! Take advantage of clear, easy-to-use interface with retina support and learn the basic chord charts in "Open G". You can: - see the chords standard string
  • Audio Tuner Mobile 1.0

    Tune your musical instrument with your mobile Tune your guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin or other musical instrument with your mobile phone. Audio Tuner Mobile analyzes the pitch as you play your musical instrument,
  • Desktop Music 1.0

    Desktop Music is a versitile and intuitive tool forcreating music on your computer. Desktop Music saves music in a manageable text format. This makes cutting, copying and pasting notes as easy as editing a text file. 16
  • 5Tuners 1.0

    With the help of this easy to use app you can tune 5 string instruments. Just click on the button and tune the music instrument with the sound of the tuned string! Highlights: - Original instruments sounds - Supported 5
  • Tab Transcriber Professional 3

    Tab Transcriber Pro is a notation software for fretted string instruments, including guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, etc... It allows the creation of custom tunings for almost any instrument. The resulting fret positions
  • PySynth 0.8.2

    PySynth is a simple music synthesizer written in Python. It's based on a script I found on the Web and then modified for my purposes. The goal is not to produce many different sounds, but to have scripts that can turn
  • TabIt 2.03

    TabIt is a full-featured program for creating, playing, and printing guitar, bass, or banjo tablatureMain Features: - Playback: Enter tablature, then play it back through your computer speakers. - Multiple tracks:
  • AJT MidiMod Rev 7.1

    MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Your PC has the facility to play MIDI files ( .mid file extension ) via the Sound Card. The Sound Card has 128 built in MIDI Musical Instrument sounds (although the
  • Animated Math 1.0

    A math game that teaches counting, addition and subtraction with animated rewards every step of the way. Not just a Drill, but a tutorial that gives graphic help as needed. This math game is for young children and
  • Chord Scale Generator For Mac

    The Chord Scale Generator features a chord generator, chord finder, and scale finder, thus enables various interesting calculations around chords and scales. This software tool helps you to find all possible chord charts
  • Guitar Trainer 1.2.0

    Educational game to learn fretboard notes. A fun educational game for Java devices that helps musicians learn the notes on the fretboard of their instrument. Supports a variety of standard and alternate string